Ethical Products

Ethical Product Sells on the Rise

In the UK, the consumer market for ethical products rose to more than £47bn in 2011 even with the economic climate.

The demand for ethical consumer goods as well as services is rising all over the world with the UK in the lead. The upward trend has not slowed down since it started growing in 2008 and it is believed the market will stay on the rise as consumer’s desire more ethical products.

The Co-operative Group released the Ethical Consumer Market Report in December that showed a small growth from 2010 however, since 1999 the increase climbed at a steady pace to around £13.5bn each year.

Households and Ethical Products

This increase shows that today every family is spending £989 a year on ethical products which includes services. This is a huge increase from the figure seen in 2000 of only £291.

Green products for the home also increased 10.6% to £8.4bn. It is believed that this figure will increase due to the launch of the government's Green Deal energy efficiency plan and the Renewable Heat Incentive plan. Even eco-travel and transport increased 11.8% to £3.1bn.

Corporations and Ethical Products

More and more corporations are turning to creating more ethical environments as well as products and services such as recycled paper supplies as more demands of consumers increase. Recognizing companies across the many industries is also bringing to light the many different corporations that are switching over to ethical practices. Each year the World's Most Ethical Companies are listed so consumers can easily find products and services that meet their moral and ethical standards while avoiding companies that are cruel to animals, do not practice fair trade and are equally inhumane their employees.

The Future of Ethical Products

With consumers opening their eyes every day and desiring more organic foods without all the unsafe ingredients, learning of the abuse of animals on farms, and what all of these corporations are actually doing to the earth, more and more corporations and companies will be turning to creating ethical products and services. If you want to help change the world for the better, then make the switch to ethical products and avoid all other products that do not meet your ethics and morals. We can live in a world where ethical products rule the earth and we all can enjoy all natural products and services while ensuring the world is a better place for all living things.