Ethical Products

Buying Ethical Products

When consumers choose to purchase only ethical products they are actually making the world a better place in which to live. When you start on your search to ensure you are actually buying ethical products, you will need to learn how to find such products and how to steer clear of products that are morally sound.

If you are concerned about any company, you can easily visit the Ethical Consumer website that provides you with the resources to check up on 30,000 companies with more being added all the time.

Positive Buying

When consumers begin positive buying this is just a new term that means that you favour purchasing ethical products no matter if you are wish to purchase items that are fair trade, organic, re-used, cruelty free, recycled or created in your area.

One way to learn more about the products you are purchasing it to start paying more attention to the labels. The following list is terms for products that are considered to be ethical products

· Shade-grown coffee
· Social Accountability 8000
· Union-made
· Vegan
· B Corporation
· Dolphin safe fish
· EKOenergy
· FSC-certified
· Grass fed beef
· Green America Seal of Approval
· Equal Exchange
· Fairtrade
· Free-range poultry
· MSC-certified
· No Pork No Lard
· Halal
· Kosher
· Organic
· Locally Grown
· Made in USA
· Organic Trade Association
· Product Red
· Rainforest Alliance certified
· Recycled

Mandatory Labelling

In most countries, it is mandatory to disclose all ingredients as well as provide the origin of foods and clothing. In some countries, today you can even find the information to the factory including fax and telephones numbers so you can contact them for any information.

Supporting your Morals

Buying ethical products will help you support your own morals whether you want to fight for equal rights, fair trade, or animals. Choosing products that support your own ethics and morals will send a message to companies around the world on your beliefs. The more people stand up for what they believe is right the more ethical products will become in the future. We must do our part in ensuring that we are receiving products that do not cause harm to others around the world whether it is in factories working in harsh conditions without proper pay or the abuse that animals go through on farms.