Ethical Products

What are ethical products?

An ethical product is one in which morality is the basis of the creation of the product. All ethical products are ones that are created without using any type of process material, person, or animal in an unethical or moral way.

The UK magazine the Ethical Consumer was the first to publish the term ethical consumer which was created to help consumers find products and services that are ethical. The magazine shows rating tables that are based on the ethics of the creation of products and services. Each company is given an Ethiscore according to the performance of the company in five major areas. The areas include environment, people, animals, politics, and product sustainability. These areas go deeper such as:

Categories for Ethiscore

Within the environment you will find scores for nuclear power, environmental reporting, habitats, resources, toxics, pollution, and climate change. With people, such factors as supply chain policy, armaments, irresponsible marketing, workers rights, and human rights all contribute to the ethiscore. Under animals such factors as factory farming, animal testing, and other animal rights are considered. Politics are looked at including company ethos, anti-social finance, boycott call, genetic engineering, and political activity.  Within product sustainability the factors include FairTrade, positive environmental features, organic, and other sustainability.


Understanding Ethical Products

What all this means is that all ethical products and services will not exploit others working under harsh conditions such as 15 hour days with little pay, children working in factories, testing on animals, farm animals being treated inhumanely such as beating and torturing prior to killing for consumption, and so on.

Since the beginning of the Ethical Consumer, others have now stepped forward to provide consumers with the information they need to ensure they are actually purchasing ethical products. Bloomberg and Reuters now provide "environmental, social and governance" ratings to stock market traders. The non-profit Ethical Consumer Research Association publishes Ethical Consumer magazine along with their website to ensure that consumers have access to ethical ratings so they can make educated decision on the products they wish to purchase.


Boycotting Companies to switch to Ethical practices

In order to get companies to pay attention to consumers that desire ethical products, many organizations get together all the time to boycott products, services, and companies to provide ethical treatment in their factories, farms, and offices worldwide. Use companies with a published Ethiscore. With the rise in ethical products sales across the world, more companies will soon be paying more attention to the way in which they create their products and start producing ethical products or they will go bankrupt as consumers stop using their products.